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Do You Prefer Your Cocktails Shaken or Stirred in the Perfect Custom Glassware?

Do You Prefer Your Cocktails Shaken or Stirred in the Perfect Custom Glassware?

There has been a heated debate in the cocktail industry about whether handcrafted concoctions should be mixed with a generous shake or gentle stir. Depending on who you ask, you will generally find those who believe that one is better than the other. So, who is right? The correct answer? Both.

When it comes to cocktails, there is a time when it is best to shake the mixture as well as times when it requires a stir. Depending on your method of mixing, you will utilize certain custom drinkware: shaking glass or a more traditional, heavy based finedge glass.

Shaken, Not Stirred through a Pint Shaker Glass

Cocktails typically heavy in nature will need some extra effort to ensure that everything is incorporated within the drink. This includes cocktails with fruit juices, simple syrups, sour mixes or any dairy products. Using a shaker glass will allow you to pack all the ingredients in one container and incorporate all the flavors. By shaking the mixture, you will also break up the ice and include more water in the drink. This can allow you to achieve a well-balanced product. Shaking the drinks will cloud up the drink and add a cool visual effect.

Keep it Simple with a Stir Served Neat in a Whiskey Glass

Cocktails made with lighter, distilled spirits generally do not have many different ingredients. You want to highlight the taste of the spirits, not mask them with strong flavors. Stirring the drinks will create a gentle mixture with the perfect amount of dilution from the ice. The drink is then served in a heavy based finedge glass such as whiskey glasses or tasters.

No matter how you prefer your drink to be mixed, one thing that should never be overlooked is the aesthetic appeal. With ClearWater Gear, you can get personalized glassware and stainless steel growlers for your brewery or restaurant. Custom print your logo or add a nucleated etch to the bottom of your glasses and receive them through our fast production times. Check out all products and make your brand stand out in the best ways possible.
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