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Artwork Guide


ClearWater Gear requires vector based art files, like the ones used in Illustrator (usually the files ending with .ai .eps .pdf). Please make sure all fonts are saved as outlines and all images are embedded. If no vector format exists, Photoshop files (.psd .jpeg .tiff .gif .bmp) may be submitted for reference and virtual proofs, but will not substitute for vector artwork. All files MUST be Mac compatible. Absolutely NO CorelDraw (.crd), Publisher (.pub) or PowerPoint (.ppt) files.



For best print quality, ClearWater Gear needs Vector art, not Raster.  Vector files typically end with .Ai or .Eps , while Raster image files end with .Jpg or .Png. Vector art has the ability to increase size without becoming blurred or pixilated. Vector art is also able to be manipulated for color separating purposes. Artwork does not become Vector by opening and saving it into a vector based program. If you do not have Vector artwork, in most cases we can redraw the art and an additional art fee may apply. This art fee will be assessed once the artist documents the amount of time it's taken them to redraw. For further details regarding this fee, please email your sales representative.

Vector vs Raster for screenprinting

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