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  • SCREEN CHARGE (on site printing): $40 per imprint color  or $65 for digital full color setup

  • COLOR CHANGE (on the same item/artwork) : $25 for each color change

  • CUSTOM GROWLER CAPS - $25 one-time set up fee
  • PERSONALIZATION / MUG CLUBS: $3.50/ea + the item cost.  This includes 1 line.  For larger personalization's (or multi-line) please contact us.

  • PRINTED SAMPLE: $28 + $40 screen charge per imprint color.  If the sample is approved, the $40 will go towards your one-time screen fee.  If you order 288 or more, we'll credit you back the $40.

  • BLANK SAMPLES:  Free samples available on most of our items by request.



Art must meet the following criteria to be considered “camera-ready”, with specific instructions regarding layout, size, and typestyle clearly stated on your order. If you cannot provide artwork in the parameters below, please contact our customer service department at and we will work with you to obtain what we need.

  • Provide vector artwork with all fonts converted to outlines and all images embedded, saved as an EPS, AI, or PDF

  • Multi color artwork must be separated.

  • Minimum line thickness of 1 point stroke weight.

  • Reverse type elements must be a minimum of 2 point stroke weight.

  • Typestyle size minimum of 6 points.

  • Halftone or tint range of 20-70% at 65 line per inch dot screen.

  • Faxed art is not camera ready. Art downloaded from the Internet at a low resolution is not camera ready.

  • PMS colors called out on art file or Photostat



Always include your company name, contact name and phone number on all e-mailed artwork.



PDF virtual proofs are automatically emailed on all new orders.  During business hours, this usually occurs within 3 hours of receiving artwork.



Product item number & color, order quantity, layout instructions, PMS numbers for imprint colors, contact name and email address. This will ensure the fastest turnaround of your order. Changes to orders must be confirmed in writing.



There is no charge for PMS color matching. Due to variations in inks and materials, we cannot guarantee exact color matches. PMS numbers must accompany order. Color descriptions such as sky blue, forest green, etc. are not recommended. If no PMS match is possible, please send a color swatch or a previously printed item that you'd like to match.



When orders are shipped via package carrier such as FedEx or UPS, goods are shipped at Buyer’s risk. We prefer to ship such orders with individual overpack cartons to reduce damage.  This service is available at a nominal charge. If damage occurs when overpack cartons are used, ClearWater Gear will be responsible for damage incurred in transit.

Please follow the carrier’s procedures for claims processing. If help is needed, please contact our office within 7 days of arrival. Damages or shortages must be noted and signed by the delivery carrier. Deductions from our invoice must be authorized in advance by our accounting department.



Industry standards allow 1/16” to be an acceptable amount of variance in registration, though we will always strive for the best print possible.



We source products from multiple vendors in order to keep our warehouse fully stocked.  We only select sources that meet our high quality standards.  Your reorder may contain products from a different manufacturer than the previous order due to supply constraints.  The size and shape of the items are nearly identical, but if you require a specific brand, please contact us before the order to check if that request can be filled.



Multi-color digital printing available on select items with a minimum order as low as 12pcs.  Contact Sales for more details.

Multi-color screen printing is available for orders of 144 pieces or more.  Prices and availability depends on the item. 

Multi-color printing is available with the following minimum quantities:

144 piece min. for 2 imprint colors
288 piece min. for 3 imprint colors
504 piece min. for 4 imprint colors

Each imprint color will require it's own screen (just on the initial order).




Due to the inherent properties of ceramic and glassware, there will be small imperfections and irregularities which should not be perceived as defective. Variations in materials and firing temperatures may result in variations in glaze or glass finish. By accepting an order, the buyer therefore agrees to these conditions. ClearWater Gear strives for a high standard of quality of our product, and inspects each piece before printing. Unacceptable pieces are discarded. The acceptable level for tolerance level is 3%, the industry standard.



Our legendary quick production time starts after written proof approval and receipt of payment.  This lead time should be used as a general guideline as sometimes items take longer or sometimes they're shipped ahead of schedule.  

If you have an in-hands date, please just let us know when you order so we can determine if we're able to rush your order.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised with how fast they can receive their printed glassware items when using ClearWater Gear!



A virtual proof is available at no charge on all orders. It will show imprint location and size. If a printed sample is required, screen charges will apply, as well as a spec sample charge for each imprint color. Blank samples are available at no charge on most items.  More than 4 revisions to a virtual proof may incur an additional charge.



The industry standard for overage/underage is 5% of the quantity ordered.  Your order will ship within 5% over or under the quantity you requested. You will only be billed for what is shipped. If you require an exact quantity, please contact us and let us know.  Exact quantity shipments may incur an additional fee.



Returns will be allowed only in cases of defective product or printing. A return must be authorized in advance by our office. No returns are allowed beyond 30 days of receipt of the shipment. 



  • PRINTED SAMPLE: $28 /ea.  + $40 screen charge per imprint color.  If the sample is approved, the $40 will go towards your one-time screen fee.  If you order 288 or more, we'll credit you back the $40.

  • BLANK SAMPLES:  Free samples available on most of our items by request.



Full Color Setup : $65 (which covers all the colors)

Screen Printed Setups : $40 /ea color

Items printed off-site may have a different setup charge ranging from $40 - $65.

Each imprint color will require a separate screen charge.  On many items, the first screen charge is waived on an order of 288 or more.  Contact us for more details.



Capacities are stated in U.S. fluid ounces.  Due to the slight variance is each glass, all capacities and dimensions are approximate and should not be used as a standard of measure. All fluid capacities are established to overflow capacity. The capacity specifications allow for a tolerance of +/- 5% .  



Credit terms will be issued only upon approval of completed and signed credit application.  Accounts over 30 days will be charged 2% monthly ( 26.8% APR ).  Finance charges will be accrued in the account until paid.  Terms will be revoked if late payments occur.



Trademark, copyright and registered designs are imprinted for authorized users only. ClearWater Gear is not responsible for gathering, maintaining, or verifying the copyright status of customer provided files. ClearWater Gear waives all responsibility of the user to obtain permission for use of the logo design.  All companies and print customers must assume all liability for any possible copyright violations. ClearWater Gear will assume that permission has been obtained. 


Trademark Notice: All logos shown in this catalog are for illustrative purposes ONLY. No attempt has been made to infringe on copyrights and trademarks. The logos DO NOT imply endorsement by the owners of the artwork/design/trademark, that such items were ever produced, or that the owners expressly authorized any items with these specific logos for sale to anyone.

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