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What is Nucleation / Nucleated Glassware?

A pattern is laser etched on the inside bottom of a glass to create additional bubbles for constant aroma release.

How does it work?

The etched pattern creates a rough surface called nucleation points. The rough surface disturbs the beer and helps to release a steady stream of bubbles to the head of the glass.     

Why has it become popular?

Nucleation allows you to add your own unique design to the bottom of your favorite glassware.  Not only is this great for brand building, but the steady stream of bubbles is also visually appealing, it improves the release of aroma, and it keeps a thicker head on your beer for longer.

How do I order?

At ClearWater Gear, you can have your own design or logo etched into the bottom of some of our most popular glasses. Please contact us for the Minimum Order Requirements.  
If you're looking for a smaller order, we also offer the stock "Hop" design shown below on both our #171-nhop Cooler Glass and our #328-a-nhop 16oz Beer Can glass.   

Cooler Glass Nucleation Cooler Glass

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