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Pair the Perfect Beer with the Custom Glassware

Pair the Perfect Beer with the Custom Glassware

If you ask any avid beer drinker, they will tell you that pairing the perfect brew with the right glass is key when it comes to the drinking experience. Not just for decoration and looks, the shape and make of the glass can alter the flavoring of the beer and bring out subtle notes that may be missed. Believe it or not, the type of glass you choose can either make or break your overall experience of a fresh brew. Here are the most common types of beer glasses and the beers in which they pair best.

Keep Your Restaurant Stocked with These Custom Beer Glasses

Pint Glasses

The most common form of beer glass you will find in a restaurant or pub is a pint glass. This simple design starts off with a narrower base and gets wider as you go up the glass. The American pint glass, sometimes called the shaker, typically holds 16 ounces of liquid and can be used with most styles of beer. The English counterpart has a similar shape, except for the small lip at the top of the glass. This allows for an easier flow and helps preserve the head of the beer. The American Pint is best used for ales, IPAs, Lagers and stouts. The English Pint is best used for English Ales and Lagers. With the recent boom of craft beers, you will sometimes hear this glass referred to as an IPA glass.

Goblets and Chalices

Unlike other beer glasses, goblets are not confined to holding a specific amount of liquid. They can vary in size, which is typically characterized with a thick stem and a bowl shaped body. Chalices are another name for goblets and will usually be thicker and heavier. Goblets and chalices pair perfectly with heavier beers such as German Bocks, and Belgian Ales as the wider mouth allows for the aromas to come through.

Pilsner Glasses

Much like the pint glass, pilsner glasses are a popular option when you go to restaurants and bars. The tall glass starts off with a narrow base and has little, to no curvature as it goes up the glass. The narrow glass is meant to enhance the color of the beer as well as the carbonation. Used for pilsners, a lighter style of beer, the pilsner glass allows you to gain a true taste of the beer.

Snifter Glasses

Snifters are popular among cognac and brandy drinkers but have also found their way into the beer community. The stemmed glass most resembles a goblet, but instead of having a wider mouth, the top is narrow. The shape of the glass is meant to allow the drinker to swirl the liquid to bring out the many aromas. Because of this feature, you will typically use this glass for stronger beers such as Double IPAs and Imperial IPAs.

Having a variety of custom drinkware at your restaurant will allow you to offer your customers the best drinking experiences. Never miss out on a chance to market your establishment by custom printing your logo on all your glasses.
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