16 oz. Belgian #336

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ITEM# 336

Our 16 oz. Belgian Glass is a stemmed tulip meant to enhance the flavors and aromas of Belgian style beers and golden ales. Beers with higher alcohol content and higher carbonation levels work best with this style of glass as the subtle aromas are brought out, providing a full body of tastes. The wide base allows for the carbonation to gently settle and lift the floral notes to the top. The inward taper confines the head of the beer allowing you to experience each aspect of the brew with every sip. This 16 oz. beer glass is best used for Saisons, Belgian Ales, Double or Imperial IPAs, and Scotch Ales. All drinkware can be custom printed to represent your logo or brand.

Max Imprint Area: 3.5"W x 1.25"H per side

Case pack: 12 | Case weight: 8 lbs. | Capacity: 16 oz.