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4 Common Myths about Beer BUSTED

4 Common Myths about Beer BUSTED

Beer has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years with many different variations being brewed up every day. With something that has been around for so many years, there are bound to be a few different myths about the product.

We have compiled four of the most common myths about beer and the truth about them.

4 Common Beer Myths

Beer is Best Served Ice Cold

Major beer companies will have you thinking that the only way to enjoy a beer is ice cold. They have even gone to lengths as to add indicators to when a beer is at the “best drinking temperature.” However, this is not the case. Most beers are best consumed between 46 and 50 degrees. This allows for the full flavors to develop and all aromas to be present when enjoying. You should also never use a frosted glass. You shouldn’t have to chill the beer once it has been poured, and the ice can dilute the brew altering the taste.

Bottled Beer is Better Than Canned Beer

This is a common thing you will hear when it comes to craft beers. The truth is canned beers are often perceived as fresher than bottled beer, and this is due to a couple of reasons. There are two primary concerns when it comes to bottles: oxygen and light. Over time, oxygen can enter into the bottle under the cap and alter the taste of the beer. Even with dark colored bottles, light can get into the beer and cause it to turn skunky. Aluminum does a better job at sealing the beer from oxygen as well as protecting it from any light maintaining freshness much longer than bottled beer. If you do not like the feel of the can, you can always pour your beer into a custom drinking glass to help enhance the flavors.

More Hops = More Bitterness

This is one of those instances where it is a yes and no situation. While the acid contents of hops used in the boil largely determine the bitterness of beer, the quantity of hops does not necessarily equate to “more bitterness.” Many factors play into the resulting taste such as the amount of sugars in the beer, other ingredients used during the boil as well as the person drinking the beer. Bitterness is a sensation felt and not a taste, so it is relative to the drinker. A lighter beer with a 30 IBU can “taste” just as bitter as an IPA with a 60 IBU.

The Type of Glass Used Has No Effect on the Taste

Craft beers are made to have distinct aromas and tastes. Utilizing a custom beer glass can help enhance those aromas and also enhance the overall tastes. Some glasses are designed to bring out more aromas such as our 14.75 oz Tulip glasses and others to enhance feel and tastes.

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