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Craft Beer vs. Domestic Brew

Craft Beer vs. Domestic Brew

When you go into the grocery store or at your local bar, you are presented with two options when it comes to beer. You can either go with traditional domestic beers or craft beers. While they are both classified as beers, the two completely differ in many aspects. When you take your stainless steel growler to get filled, chances are you will be visiting a brew house that specialized in select craft beers.

Difference between Craft Beer and Domestic Beer


Domestic beers will come in a lighter to medium color yellow whereas craft beers can range from light pale colors to deep rich ambers and darks. When you pour domestic beers into a glass, the carbonation will quickly dissipate, and the head of the beer will not last that long. When using custom glasses and nitrate pint glasses, craft beers can produce a nice head of beer as well as keep the carbonation to provide a crisp look and taste.


Craft beers will include much more ingredients than traditional domestic beers. Domestic beers have a monotone flavor palate while craft beers can take on notes of chocolate, floral hops, spice, orange, lemon, coriander, smoke, grapefruit and much more. The aromas and tastes are brought out through the use of specific personalized glasses as well as temperatures. While domestic beers are served as cold as can be, craft beers are meant to be served at specific temperatures usually ranging from 50-55 degrees. This gives a chance for all the notes and flavors to be brought out in the beer.

Make sure to get your own custom stainless steel growlers and personalized glassware for your brewery.
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