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Beer from around the World: Germany

Beer from around the World: Germany

There is no doubt that beer is one of the most popular drinks around the world. While it may seem like all beer is the same, around the world, brews are completely different. From brewing styles to the ingredients used, depending on where you are in the world the tastes, presentation and experience of beer will be unique. While we will be touching on a few different places around the world, our main focus will be on the beer crafted in Germany.

Fill Up Your Stainless Steel Growlers with German Style Beer

Adhering to the Reinheitsgebot, German style beers are more traditional when it comes to flavors. German brew laws only allow for water, hops and malt to be ingredients used in the brewing process. There are also guidelines to how certain styles of beers can be brewed and fermented. The law dates back to the 14th century, but recently as yeast and sugars have become popular in the beer process, the law has been altered to include these ingredients as well.

Even though the beer purity laws only allow for a limited list of ingredients, you will still find a wide selection of beer. From top fermented altbiers to lighter colored helles, just like in America you can fill up your personal growler with your favorite German style beer.

Don’t Forget to Use the Right Personalized Glassware

Just like with other beers around the world, Germany has a specific set of glassware to use with certain brews. Oktoberfest showcases the use of large beer mugs, containing Märzen, a beer brewed in Munich, but with other styles of beer, you will want to use glassware that will enhance the unique tastes of the brew. One popular glass used in Germany is the Stein. A custom designed mug with a stainless steel lid.

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