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Fill up Your Stainless Steel Growler with These Fall Favorites

Fill up Your Stainless Steel Growler with These Fall Favorites

Craft beer has a relatively young life as the craze of home brewing began in the 90s. Throughout the years, craft brew companies have looked for a way to stand out compared to their generic counterparts. Through their special brewing process, intense flavoring and hop overloads or unique branding, it is easy to tell craft beers just from their labels. One thing beer lovers have to look forward to when it comes to their craft beers is seasonal brews that make their way into production. Grab your custom stainless steel growlers, and head out to the breweries to try these amazing fall beers.

Fill Up Your Personal Growlers With These Fall Brews

Founders Brewing Co. – Harvest Ale

Brewed out of Michigan, nothing screams fall flavors like Harvest Ale. This hoppy brew is a perfect transition from summer ales to a more fall note. A subtle citrus aroma and taste complements the toasted malts and spices. Available on tap to fill up your stainless steel growler, this 7.6 percent brew is perfect to have around.

Elysian Brewing Co. – The Great Pumpkin Ale

Brewed out of Seattle, this beer is perfect for the Halloween festivities. If you are a fan of all things pumpkin pie and fall, you are going to love this beer. The deep copper ale has intense flavors of spice and autumn flavors and a smooth balance of sweet from the malt. Made with toasted pumpkin seeds, there is nothing artificial about this beer.

(Fun Fact: Most pumpkin beers have no actual pumpkin in them as they do not have much of a taste. The “pumpkin” taste you get is spices used to mimic the flavors.)

Samuel Adams – OctoberFest

One of the most famous fall brews is perhaps the OctoberFest made from Samuel Adams. Available from August to November, fill up your growlers at most liquor stores. The smooth blend has strong notes of fall spices and hints of coffee and toffee from the roasts.

With a custom stainless steel growler, you will be able to try out all the fall-inspired craft beers available. Get a personal growler or sets for your brewery printed with the help of ClearWater Gear.
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