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Metal or Glass? Is There a Difference When it Comes to Growlers?

Metal or Glass? Is There a Difference When it Comes to Growlers?

Many avid beer connoisseurs will tell you that owning your own growler is a must. When it comes to your options for growlers, there are two styles: glass or stainless steel. Both have their advantages and can be a great addition to add to your drinking experiences. While some may say one is a better option than the other, ultimately it comes down to personal preferences.

Glass Growlers

Glass growlers are the most common types of growlers people offer. Typically coming in two styles, amber and clear, the main attraction is the visibility inside the bottle. Amber growlers typically do a better job at keeping beer fresher as light is not allowed to pass through as easily. If you have a clear growler, you will need to store it in an area that will not be receiving a lot of sunlight. The visibility inside the glass growler will help you see how full your custom growler is and when you are close to needing a refill. The only downside of an all glass growler is the possibility of cracking and breaking if not handled with care. If you treat them with care, they will easily last you for years.

Stainless Steel Growlers

Stainless steel growlers are beginning to grow in popularity as the many designs allow for easy transportation and the ability to keep your beer cold for longer periods of time. With ClearWater Gear, we offer vacuum insulated growlers, which will allow you to keep cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and warm beverages hot up to 12 hours. This style is ideal for those who are traveling and want to take their beverages with them. The 64 oz growler allows you to share with your friends and ensure that your beer will remain fresh and cold throughout the day. The stainless steel also creates a more durable barrier compared to glass growlers.

Whether it is glass or stainless steel growlers, personalize it with a custom printed logo. At ClearWater Gear, we offer high-quality printing that can be placed on the front of the growler, wrapped around or on the lid. This can be an excellent way to promote your brewery or bar out to your customers. Market your brand or business in a unique way with ClearWater Gear.
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