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Using the Right Glass for the Right Beer: 16 oz Belgian

Using the Right Glass for the Right Beer: 16 oz Belgian

If you ask any avid beer drinker, they will tell you that the glass that is used to hold the drink has a large impact on taste and the overall experience of the beer. Some glasses are designed to enhance the flavors of certain styles of beers and may not work so well for others. Here are the best styles of beer to pair with your 16 ounce Belgian style glass.

Best Custom Beer Glasses for Belgian Beers

Golden Ales

The Belgian Glass supports stronger ales as the wider base and tapered top allows for aromas to be released during the pour. This allows you to smell the ingredients that may be subtle and gain the full experience of the beer. The aromas are forced upwards as the carbonation cascades down the wide bowl.

Belgian Ales

Named after the beer it is meant to house, our Belgian glasses, like this 16 oz Belgian customized beer glass, are ideal for belgian style brews. The inward taper at the top of the glass help confines the head to a narrow opening. This will help trap the flavors in and allow you to enjoy the full array of tastes with every sip. The outer edges are designed for you or your customers to comfortably rest your lips for easy access to the brew. It is also recommended to serve bottled beers with a higher levels of carbonation as the wider bowl will allow the bubbles to rest undisturbed.

At Clearwater Gear, we offer a wide variety of glasses for all types of brews. Give your customers the best experience by offering up the perfect glasses for whichever beer they choose to enjoy at your establishment.
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